Kenneth D. McCoy

Kenneth D. McCoy - Senior Managing Director, Asset Management

Kenneth D. McCoy

Senior Managing Director, Asset Management

(704) 972-2645


Mr. McCoy is responsible for managing the operations of both Faison's and third-party owners' retail properties, office and residential lot development. He has extensive experience with complex properties that operate through major redevelopment, renovation, expansion, and remerchandising programs.

Prior to joining Faison in 1991, Mr. McCoy held property management positions with Strouse, Greenberg & Co., Inc. and The Center Companies. He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a member of International Council of Shopping Centers, and has earned its Certified Shopping Center Manager designation.


Faison is led by a team of committed, seasoned professionals, many of whom have been serving the company for over 20 years each. We take pride in our family-like culture and thrive on our relationships. We work tirelessly to uncover great real estate opportunities and have a long-term ownership perspective.

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