Real Estate Development

Faison is focused on developing multi-family communities in high growth markets in the Southeast and Texas. Within these markets, Faison seeks opportunities whose locations ensure strong consumer demand both now and in the future. First and foremost, these locations have walkable neighborhoods that afford renters a lifestyle defined by the amenities outside their door. These neighborhood amenities include public space such as parks and greenways as well as restaurants and nightlife that allow them to leave their car parked and walk to their destination.

Site specific design allows Faison to make the most of each these locations by including on site project amenities that allow programming designed to create a sense of community. This programming includes social activities such as cooking classes in test kitchens and game day get togethers in the clubhouse or around the pool. Faison understands the importance of this interaction and how design enables not only the programming but also the leasing tours and ongoing operations of the property.

Importantly, Faison is able to develop these apartment communities using innovative construction techniques that control costs and reduce the overall basis of the project. By maintaining a low basis, Faison is able to develop projects that not only maximize value during economic upswings but also maintain value with a defensible position during economic downturns. This strategy allows Faison to hold projects for long term cash flow and selectively sell during the optimum market conditions.

Recent Developments

Multi-Family Development

Faison has a long history of successfully developing unique properties whose select locations and enduring designs create real estate assets with immediate value that will appreciate over time.  Faison creatively employs both site specific design as well as innovative construction methodologies to maximize the value of each site.  This approach has enabled Faison to profitably develop over 2,000 units since the beginning of 2012.